Remaking Humans - Begins with you

Remaking Humans begins with YOU! We're working on a way to genetically alter the Human Genome so that we have a much greater chance to survive what almost all Scientists tell us is the looming potential of MASS EXTINCTION. Get the kind of DNA you want and deserve. NEW BOOK - TECHNOLOGY TO FOLLOW Download the Earth-Saving Book Today AUDIBLE BOOK - AVAILABLE NOW Readers of the book will be the EARLIEST ADOPTERS The Human Race is about to die away, leaving the planet they were born to the elements of decay and worsening climatological disasters.  Future archaeologists who now have two heads, six legs and four arms discover some five million years from now that the end of the Human Race could have been avoided.  They seem to have had the knowledge and the technological know-how to select out of their DNA, all the qualities of their kind that were destroying themselves.  But, for some reason, they chose to do nothing and allow the deadliest catastrophe in Earth's long history to go
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