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Remaking Humans - Begins with you

Remaking Humans begins with YOU!

We're working on a way to genetically alter the Human Genome so that we have a much greater chance to survive what almost all Scientists tell us is the looming potential of MASS EXTINCTION.

Get the kind of DNA you want and deserve.


Readers of the book will be the EARLIEST ADOPTERS

The Human Race is about to die away, leaving the planet they were born to the elements of decay and worsening climatological disasters.  Future archaeologists who now have two heads, six legs and four arms discover some five million years from now that the end of the Human Race could have been avoided.  They seem to have had the knowledge and the technological know-how to select out of their DNA, all the qualities of their kind that were destroying themselves.  But, for some reason, they chose to do nothing and allow the deadliest catastrophe in Earth's long history to go on unabated, until finally they were all gone

Sound like Science Fiction?  Actually, this is how some future species of life may describe us in their Science text-books when they dig up evidence of a race of intelligent creatures - US - who once lived here.  We are currently only a few years away from the total destruction of all life on Earth.  The tsunamis are getting worse, the Hurricanes are devastating our lands.  Plagues of Locusts are eating our food.  Saharan dust storms are blowing all around the planet.  The oceans are dying.  The planet is heating up.  Food production is down.  Population continues to explode.  Rain forests are on fire.  Even the forests of the Arctic Circle are on fire.  The Arctic Ice Cap is practically gone.  The Ozone protection layers of our atmosphere are disappearing.  There is now more plastic in the oceans than fish.  Toxic chemicals fill the air that we breathe and toxic waste fills the water that we drink.  

Worse yet, more and more people on the planet are demanding more and more energy be produced for their comfort and luxury.  We have in our DNA an innate instinct for luxury and easy living.  This has been the Holy Grail for centuries.  But today, more and more of us can see the unintended consequences of an out-of-control quest for comfort and consumption of Earth's depleted resources.  This book is a primer on how to expunge all of our evil ways.    

For hundreds of years, we’ve learned about our own Evolution as a species from scientists like Charles Darwin and Gregor Mendel.  They have literally mapped our course over the centuries through a process known today as ‘Natural Selection’.   But, in the year 2000 A.D., when Watson and Crick discovered the DNA molecule, it propelled us down a different track of Evolution from ‘Natural Selection’ or just Random Chance and into the realm of ‘Artificial Selection’ of genes, a selection of course of the known human traits, by human beings themselves, and very little left to Random Chance.  This may someday become known as the watershed years, the years in which we started to make decisions about our future as a species where only God had dared to go before.

We now live at a time in our Civilization where everyone is asking for answers to the major problems that threaten to destroy us all.  If the present indicators are correct, along with us, if and when we destroy ourselves - possibly in the next few decades, we will be taking all other life forms with us.  This is the greatest challenge to Life in the history of life on this planet, and potentially in the history of the universe because so far, we know of no other place that carries the precious cargo of Life upon its mountains and oceans.  We have evolved with the worst types of human traits as our primary ones, directing us to do things to our planet that is destructive beyond our wildest nightmares.  We are so prolific in numbers that our exhaust gases, biological and artificial are poisoning the planet's atmosphere to such an extent that we could soon become very similar to Venus where the surface temperatures are about 900 degrees farenheit, a temperature so hot that it melts lead.  Obviously, nothing can live on Venus, our nearest neighbor in the solar system.  

Evolution and the worst parts of our DNA could lead to our demise and the major mass extinction of all life on this planet.  This book is all about how to edit our DNA code of life so that we have a greater chance of surmounting our own evils and save the Earth for all time.  The only glimmer of hope is that our modern technology and scientific efforts have uncovered new ways to expunge ourselves of these most powerful destructive tendencies.  We can literally clip the harmful parts of ourselves - our 'Ungenes', (Genes that will be our undoing) and replace them with the best parts of ourselves, the types of instincts that we all aspire to nurturing and encouraging throughout our lives, especially in our children - genes I am calling our 'Adogenes' (Advantageous genes).   

The trick is going to be how to agree on who or what gets to decide which human traits to eradicate and which ones to leave intact and perhaps even improve upon.  This book is the world's first attempt to define how to select for the process that will select for our best chances at survival.  This is the most important decision we will have to make in the foreseeable future and is the basis for all of our hopes if we are going to conquer the forces of evil all around the planet now threatening to destroy us.  It will not be enough to simply make speeches and hope for the best.  We will have to come together on the most promising of all possible solutions to rid ourselves of the traits that are killing us - and you know which ones they are.  Greed, hate, envy, jealousy, vanity, consumption, gluttony, megalomania, distrust, racial prejudice and all forms of tyranny of the few over the interests and the needs of the many.  

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